I am a witch. Witches used to get burned at stakes. It could be that it resonates with me, that I feel like I’m doing something new or completely different, and that people want to torch me too.

I don’t really think that. I try to see the similarities between me and other people. The connection. The wants and fears that are in most cases same as mine. The need to protect your social identity. The need to protect your values.

I like doing rituals. Different kinds of rituals. To me it feels like I’m highlighting my reality then. Rituals can be slow. You can decide to pay attention to different things.

Maybe meditation is also a ritual. I’m thinking that meditation is witchcraft for sure, because it’s affecting your brain as an organ with conscious thought. It’s your consciousness affecting physical matter.

I think it’s a very possible that there are forces in the universe that we are not aware of yet. Maybe there is a name for a bias opposite to this, thinking that everything we can prove is the whole reality. I also want to strive to be as rational as I can. It appeals to me. The predictability, the sharp edges, of rationality. Finding out about the thing with the highest probability. Mathematics.

I feel like I need to take into consideration all options. Anything else would seem unintelligent. Also a very big motivation for me is doing the things that add to my well-being, not looking for the truth. Definitely not the truth. Reality is so subjective, so impermanent, and ambiguous, that it really makes me want to exploit this quality. And the human consciousness is a playground.

So if it doesn’t hurt me or anyone else, then I’ll do it. If I want to do it and there are benefits to be measured.

(DNRS is still, I think it’s a hard, cold, rational method. The same way that meditation for example is. The brain is plastic.)

Me writing this is also witchcraft. I’m affecting reality. I’m pulling words out of my brain, supposedly from the physical tissue, and my nervous system transforms them into the movement of my limbs, and then eventually through modern technology and other physical objects (other than my physical self) the words appear on the screen. And then on the internet, which is almost as unfathomable a concept as the mind. And then the same thing approximately happens in reverse, and the words reach your consciousness. I am a witch.

There was a theory that there is some component of our brain, or our physical system, that has evolved to need some kind of metaphysical thing for the mind to work on an optimal level. I found this: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/44571745_Evolutionary_origins_of_human_brain_and_spirituality

I read somewhere that being spiritual makes people physically more healthy. At home, living with my parents, I learned to be an atheist. It was an important approach for me for a long time. But then I decided to be practical? I became more interested in stories, mythologies, and the occult. It opened up on its own in me. Reality is all stories anyway. And I want my world to be mysterious.

And this too feels like taking matters in my own hands. It feels like deciding for myself. By that I think I mean deciding how my reality is shaped. I want to decide for myself what kind of spiritual things are for me. I want to listen to my intuition. I want to fabricate. It’s power. It’s brave.

Also it might be bringing some sense of control. To me, or to anyone who does it. Being a witch might bring some sense of control to the person who does it. It’s understandable to need it, in a world like ours, with all this chaos, and unsteadiness.

I know a person who lived on the Isle of Man. I think it’s a cool fact, this, and a cool turn of events, that I thank the universe for. He’s a witch.

I would want to have a crystal ball. It could be electrically operated, and it would have circuit boards inside it, and it would show me things.

(Gender and inequality issues could be tied into this, or I could have accepted the symbolic ties between witchcraft and those things, but I didn’t want to write about it right now.)


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